Sunday, March 20, 2016



How? I would like to relax and enjoy myself but I don’t know how.

The truth is there is no ‘how’ to enjoying yourself

You just go ahead  - and do it without plan and without thought.

Children enjoy themselves without planning

They do it spontaneously. Follow their example and I guarantee that you will not fail to have a Good Time.


Open your eyes – pam, pam, pam

Open your mouth – pam, pam, pam

Hold your handbag

Watch your wallet

Hold your nose – the smell is bad

Ojuelegba, Isale Eko; pam, pam, pam

Environmental – This is Lagos

Sanitation Exercise – This is Lagos

Odd/Even Number – This is Lagos

'Wetin you carry' – This is Lagos

The Greatest Poison

The greatest killer poison today is not what is contained in bottles, jars, cartons, cans, celluloid containers but what is bottled up in our fears, worry, anger, frustration, jealousy, hatred   - Adetoro

Lending a helping hand to those in difficulty and need is the most effective way of stretching up our praying hands to God.  - Adetoro

When a speaker confidently asks the audience to lend him their ears, he should be courteous enough not to fill their listening ears wityh verbal garbage. - Adetoro

The triune rule is of God the love, Light and Law.  - Adetoro

Most Nigerians (myself included) carry a heap of inferiority which we wrongly imagine can be considerably decorated with massive epaulettes  of chieftaincy titles honouring us with professional and religious conferments to show off to people. - Adetoro


Man wants to achieve success

God wants us to make progress

1.       Start the day with a prayer

2.       Keep still and well attuned

3.       State the problem you have

4.       Compile and arrange the data you require

5.       Are they complete?

6.       Are they directly or indirectly or not at all necessary –even if they are interesting

7.       Draw your Bow of Effort to the count of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7
Shoot through all

Sunday, October 18, 2009

'Wisdom of the Ages' by J. E Adetoro

1. “Thou shalt desire wisdom with a heart free from doubt.”

2. “Thou shalt not be credulous.”

3. “Thou shalt seek with an open mind not with what coincides with pre-determined ideas which meets with changing ideas and a vacillation.”

4. “Thou salt ask with humility and sincerity.”

5. “Approach with reverence that which is holy.”

6. “I sanctify that which is made free mind, body; and that perfect comprehension and attainment are dependent upon the realization of an elevated character, pure, inviolate, and prove to be an effective means for some happiness and spiritual blessing, truly sanctified.”

7. “Not by right but by privilege shall thou enjoy knowledge.” With a useful heart, shall thou drink of the wine and partake of the bread and the fear of the Mystic Sages.”

8. “Thou shalt love thy fellow being with the love that is God.

9. “Thou shalt prepare thyself for the Mission of time’s existence.
We come into this life ignorant and favour or abilities except those, which God has given us. With these gifts we acquired through privileges, abilities and Knowledge and these obligates us them for the purpose that God has given us. With these gifts we acquired, through privilege, other abilities and knowledge, and others obligate us to use them for the purpose that God has given them.

10. “Thou shalt abide by the Trinity – Consecration, Cooperation and Organization.” Dr. Lewis Ph. D.

'Order' J.E. Adetoro

Order is the First Law in Heaven an and is the most flagrantly abused here on earth. Light, Life, Love, Language – each is Whole. Perfect, Limitless and Unimpeded if we insert the RIGHT KEY in the HOLE Of CONSCIOUSNESS. Experience is the Best Teacher only if we apply the Right key in the right key–hole. Persistent praying provides power to perform all right actions.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We need:

1. Will Power

2. Courage

3. Dynamism

4. Drive

5. Accountability

6. Honesty

7. Cleanliness of Body, Mind and Spirit

Saturday, December 29, 2007



1. Give Praise and Thanks to God the Sourceless Source that simply IS
2. The Vision makes them incapable of shedding tears.
3. What they see, hear, touch, smell, think render to lose all sense
4. Their voices have lost the power to turn
5. They dream dreams
6. They see visions of Peace and Plenty, Faith, Hope and Assurance, Power and Prosperity
7. God is Love Eternal
8. That there is a plurality of Descending Order of God at the bottom of which is Man as the Head of what is the Ultimate Absolute the Undefined Union Unconceptualised RESERVE that simply is the I AM THAT I AM.


Adding an extra letter
Removing one letter at its end
Removing one letter in the middle
Adding an extra letter
Putting an extra letter
Removing one letter at any point of a word
Adding a letter at any point in a word
In numerology a new number can be created by adding, e.g., 1+1 is 2

Nastrolep, lexigrams, astrology, numerology, numbers or sibling codes.


You can lexigram just one word; like peace, courage, harmless.
Just one name, like mine, Adetoro.
A title like President, Professor, Doctor, Chief, General, Chairman.
A general word like teacher, labourer, soldier, father, mother.
A Value Judgement word like good, bad, ugly.
A lexigram can verify while a general word only hints at a point.
Lexigrams, astrology, numere or numerology is my own emposition of NASTROLEP over a period of three decades of my post1969 GOD SEARCH Wood, physical, mental, emotional, institutional and various forms of spiritual contacts and experiments.
Each letter if each word in a lexigram or omo Naija Wa sosu Dictionary must not contain more than nine different letters of the 26 letters of the British English Dictionary.
For General Use of Linda Goodman Lexigrams of 13 of the 26 letters of the alphabet can be included.

Nature is law abiding and Order is the First Law in Heaven
Always be your Self and not the limitation of another person
Nastrolep Thought Dial
Self help is the greatest help for the fulfilment of the balanced Self
And Spiritual Development means the Unfoldment latent within each Soul
The one Word I have so found in any Political Dictionary is Shame
Reward or Punishment there will always be for every human act
Order is the First Law in Heaven is the one most flagrantly abused here on earth
Light, Life, Law, Love, Language – each is Whole. Perfect, Limitless and unimpeded if we insert the RIGHT KEY in the HOLE of CONSCIOUSNESS
Experience is the Best Teacher only if we apply the Right key in the right key-hole
Persistent praying provides power to perform all right actions.

Monday, December 17, 2007


These are only some of my immediate and still vibrant reactions to the sudden and least expected news of the Transition of My Oldest Friend, Classmate, Teasemate and Superior Wordsmith who always called a hoe a hoe and not a cutlass or digger!

He is the Chief the Hon. Dr. Sunday Bolorunduro Awoniyi, B.A. (Lond) D.Litt. Honoris causa (University of Ilorin); CON; ipc, the Aro of Mopa, Fiwajoye of Iyamoye and Jagunmolu of Igbagun and an Officer of the National Order of Merit of France.

Chief Awoniyi who passed into Transmission at 75 in the Current Cycle of Life Eternal is/was a single personality Rope woven with seven strings to reflect:

1) A true Patriot Nationalist
2)An Arewa Bridge Builder
3) Member of the Elite Class of Super Permanent Secretaries
4)Astute Post Retirement Businessman
5) A Versatile Politician
6) A Statesman at the Upper Level
7) My Theatrical Colleague for the End of Year Middle School, Okene (now Abdul Aziz College) Party: ADETORO Play Wonder!


What is this life?
It is a Caravanserai that
Do Not Make A Return Journey?
Or is it a Life Long Commissioned Program
It is that N.R.T.C.
The Caravanseries to ELYSIUM
The Land of Eternal Illusion
The Death Experience is one which all creatures must undergo
Death is only a Transition
Between One Kind and level and other essential Epigenesis
Eternal Cyclic Experience for All Classes of God’s Creation
An Experience for Development as Death is a Misnomer. Eternal life is
All Life is a Sequential Experience of Change – Sowing and Reaping
We are all being with the Creator’s Thought which is vibrated as Sound
Converted into Light of the WORLD. The Word of God’s First Command.
‘Let there be light! And there was light and the light was good.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


It is with the Plenum Gratitude to the Omnificent Presence and Power that I have Lived to reach the Evening Time of my Life in the relative Peace that is allowing the Space and Quiet to raise up my pen to write This Song of my Gratitude to the Almighty Maker, Support and Preserver of All the Good and Sad that I have so far experienced during my current Cycle of Self Conscious Living.

As there is NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN, this is a compilation of A Conscious Senior Citizen based in Akoka, Lagos State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It is not the first of of the various Spiritual, Intellectual, Personal and General Selections from my General Readings of his Reflections and Meditation, some Concentration and on Contemplation of how to give Obedience to the Ancient Command and Challenge of MAN KNOW THYSELF.

Thank you and God Bless.

Preceptor.Deacon, J.E. Adetoro

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